Piano Moving Costs

Moving a piano is not for everyone. It takes experience, strong muscles, planning, the right equipment, and enough people. These are the major factors we look at when determining the piano moving costs.

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Piano Moving Costs Factors

What will increase or lower the piano moving price when you need our help?

The piano type

Depending on what type of piano we need to move, we will send a different amount of people. For example, an upright piano to be moved from ground floor to ground floor require only 2 men, while moving it to the first or second floor through the stairs will need 3 or 4, so the piano moving costs will be more.


Moving within London will not make any difference in the moving costs while going across the country will add to the fuel price. We charge £2.00 per mile for fuel if your piano has to be delivered outside of M25. If the piano is part of a bigger move, the fuel cost will be for the whole move.

Taking the stairs

If the piano will have to go through the stairs, we will need to send extra removal men, as pianos are very heavy and delicate items. It is a dangerous process, so we need to make sure we take all necessary safety measures to protect our movers, the piano and your property.

Going into storage

In case you want us to store your piano, or you want us to deliver it to the storage you have, we can pack and protect it while being stored. The extra piano moving costs will be insignificant compared to repairs costs of the piano if it gets damaged while in storage.

Affordable piano moving prices

Find out why our piano moving service will cost you less, save you time and complete the move stress-free.

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If you are looking for a reliable piano moving company in London, Movivan is one of the top-rated relocation experts in town!

Upright piano( GF to GF )£280
Grand piano( GF to 1st Floor )£345
Grand piano , 205 miles travel distance£715
Electric piano, 15 miles travel distance£295

Piano Moving Costs Structure

This is how we structure our prices when calculating your piano move.


Once we get in touch with you, one of our friendly sales team will guide you through our piano moving assessment process. Probably 95% of the initial communication is through a phone conversation, so we will need to take as much information as possible to be able to give you an estimate straight away, or if we will need extra information like photos, videos, or visiting your premises.


After the assessment, we will prepare a no-obligation quote for our piano removal services. Inside our quotation, we will give you a breakdown of our prices. You will clearly see what we are charging you for. If the price is booked at an hourly rate, we will also include how much it will cost after the agreed hours.

Piano Moving Costs FAQs

What people mainly ask when they need our help with moving a piano and wonder how much will be the piano moving costs.

How much does it cost to move a piano UK?

The average piano moving cost for a local move is in the £350-£450 price range. The price will be determined by the amount of manpower needed, the time it will take and even the property access conditions.

Can I hire you to move a piano from one room to another?

Yes, you can absolutely count on us. Bear in mind we will still need to charge a minimum of 4 hours, even though the job should take a lot less that our minimum charge.

Can you move a piano by yourself?

Any large and bulky item heavier than 20-30 kg will be a problem to be moved by one person without extra help or without using equipment. When it comes to moving a piano, we strongly advice do not try moving a piano by yourself. Call Movivan or any experienced local moving company and ask for help. It is a lot more cheaper compared to a physical injury or piano being broken.

What are the piano tuning costs?

Unfortunately, we do not provide piano tunning service. As we are predominantly a house and office relocation company, moving pianos is a small portion of what we do. We can move your beloved piano, but you will need to contact a piano tunning company to do this for you. As far as we know the average piano tunning costs are between £90 and £160 pounds.

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Hayley PierceHayley Pierce
19:37 04 Dec 22
Used this company today - would highly recommend. Very punctual, courteous and polite. The 2 men we had quickly pointed out any damage to furniture prior to them handling it, so we knew our possessions would be looked after by this company. The timescale from booking to the work being completed was very quick & would not hesitate in contacting them again if we need removal services. Excellent customer service
J&K ManningJ&K Manning
16:32 22 Sep 22
I recently moved to London and had my goods shipped via cargo container so was looking for a local London moving company to help with unloading the container into my flat. I was referred to Movivan as a potential company, I feel I made a great choice in going with them. I initially worked with Ivan (believe he is one of the managers) to talk about what service I needed, when, and what all I had to moved. He was very responsive and professional. The team scheduled to do the move was very friendly, professional, efficient, and handled the goods (boxes, furniture) with care. I would recommend them and use them again in the future for other moves.Cheers - J
Richard BowersRichard Bowers
15:49 13 Sep 21
The whole team is great. We originally contacted a few removal firms to compare quotes, but cancelled the others before they surveyed as Movivan were the most prompt and responsive from initial contact. Their survey put us at ease, with friendly honest conversation about the move and we instantly trusted them to help with our relocation some 120 miles. No sales pitch, just straight up. As with most house moves, it's not an exact science and the completion date was postponed numerous times, Movivan didn't pressure us and accommodated the change each time. Their professionalism continued from their office team to the operations team on the ground moving us. Polite, always smiling and efficient. They're clearly professionals who have plenty of experience and know what they're doing. What could have been a very very stressful day was made a lot easier by having this team to hand and we can't recommend them enough. Thank you.
Ian WilsonIan Wilson
15:34 25 Aug 21
Movivan was suggested by a very good friend who just used them to move to High Wycombe. I gave them a call, and they had such great customer service. And it was such a reasonable quote, I went with them, and I'm glad I did. The service they provided, the team that was sent, even during the move I had to hire another van through them, and it was such a smooth transaction with them. The move was completed efficiently, and no headaches or hick up's. I would advised you to give them a call, you will not regret it.