How Much Office Removals Cost?

The average office removals cost to move a  small 200-square-foot office is in the £800-£1,000 price range. For a mid-sized 500 sq. ft office, the expense would increase, yet still not approach the £1,400-£1550 range. A larger 1000 sq. ft office would see a higher moving cost, but still under the £2,800. This size office is suitable for up to 10 people. If you need to move to a larger office or you prefer to get an accurate office moving quotation, feel free to contact us via phone or through the web.

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Hayley PierceHayley Pierce
19:37 04 Dec 22
Used this company today - would highly recommend. Very punctual, courteous and polite. The 2 men we had quickly pointed out any damage to furniture prior to them handling it, so we knew our possessions would be looked after by this company. The timescale from booking to the work being completed was very quick & would not hesitate in contacting them again if we need removal services. Excellent customer service
J&K ManningJ&K Manning
16:32 22 Sep 22
I recently moved to London and had my goods shipped via cargo container so was looking for a local London moving company to help with unloading the container into my flat. I was referred to Movivan as a potential company, I feel I made a great choice in going with them. I initially worked with Ivan (believe he is one of the managers) to talk about what service I needed, when, and what all I had to moved. He was very responsive and professional. The team scheduled to do the move was very friendly, professional, efficient, and handled the goods (boxes, furniture) with care. I would recommend them and use them again in the future for other moves.Cheers - J
Richard BowersRichard Bowers
15:49 13 Sep 21
The whole team is great. We originally contacted a few removal firms to compare quotes, but cancelled the others before they surveyed as Movivan were the most prompt and responsive from initial contact. Their survey put us at ease, with friendly honest conversation about the move and we instantly trusted them to help with our relocation some 120 miles. No sales pitch, just straight up. As with most house moves, it's not an exact science and the completion date was postponed numerous times, Movivan didn't pressure us and accommodated the change each time. Their professionalism continued from their office team to the operations team on the ground moving us. Polite, always smiling and efficient. They're clearly professionals who have plenty of experience and know what they're doing. What could have been a very very stressful day was made a lot easier by having this team to hand and we can't recommend them enough. Thank you.
Ian WilsonIan Wilson
15:34 25 Aug 21
Movivan was suggested by a very good friend who just used them to move to High Wycombe. I gave them a call, and they had such great customer service. And it was such a reasonable quote, I went with them, and I'm glad I did. The service they provided, the team that was sent, even during the move I had to hire another van through them, and it was such a smooth transaction with them. The move was completed efficiently, and no headaches or hick up's. I would advised you to give them a call, you will not regret it.

Office Removal Costs Factors

The main factors are the size and the services requested, but there is more to it.

  • Size: The bigger the office, the more furniture and crates have to be moved. This will require more time and a bigger team of experienced office movers. All combined will result in a bigger overall price to move an office.
  • Distance: Moving to a new city or across the country? The further the move, the higher the cost due to transportation fees.
  • Access and Ease of Move: Costs can increase if your office is on a high floor without an elevator, or if there are other obstacles that complicate the moving process.
  • Packing Services: If you require full packing and unpacking services, this will be an additional cost over and above the physical transportation.
  • Insurance: Ensure you factor in the cost of insuring your equipment during the move. While this is an added expense, it’s crucial for peace of mind.
  • Downtime: While not a direct moving cost, consider the cost of business downtime. The longer your office is in transition, the more potential revenue you’re missing out on.

What Are The Average Prices To Move An Office?

Understanding the costs associated with moving your office is crucial for any business considering relocation. It allows for precise budgeting, preventing unforeseen expenses from derailing the transition and causing financial strain. Knowing these costs upfront also enables companies to weigh the benefits of the move against the investment required, ensuring it aligns with long-term business objectives. Moreover, a clear grasp of the moving expenses aids in negotiating better terms with service providers, ensuring that the move is not only efficient but also cost-effective.

Office SizePersonsPrice
200 sq.ft2 menunder £500
500 sq.ft4-5 men£750-£1000
1000 sq.ft8-10 men£1500-£2000
£2000 sq.ft15-16 men£3200-£3800

What Additional Fees Should I Expect For An Office Move?

Security Deposit

Securing a new office space necessitates a security deposit, usually several months’ rent, and may include advance payments like the first and last month’s rent. These initial financial commitments can be hefty, impacting the overall budget for the office move.

Solicitors Costs

Hiring a solicitor for an office move can incur costs associated with reviewing and advising on the new lease agreement to ensure it aligns with the company’s interests and legal requirements. Solicitors may also assist with the termination of the old lease, addressing any potential liabilities or negotiating terms with the landlord. Additionally, they can help navigate local regulations, zoning laws, and compliance matters related to the new office location, which are critical for a smooth transition. The average amount you can expect to pay is in the £2,000 to £8,000 price range. Off course, for complicated office relocations this amount could be higher.

Dilapidation Costs

Dilapidations refer to the condition-related costs at the end of a tenancy where the tenant is obliged to return the property to the state agreed upon in the lease. When moving office, businesses should budget for potential dilapidation claims, which can be significant, especially if extensive modifications were made to the premises. These costs cover repairs, restoration, or even sometimes reconstruction to meet the contractual obligations, and it’s advisable to consult with a solicitor or a surveyor to negotiate and potentially minimize these expenses. On average, you can expect prices in the range of £10-£15 per square foot.

Premises Survey Costs

During an office move, premises survey costs in London, ranging from £900 to £4,500, are just the start. Renovations, compliance upgrades, and specialized inspections can further inflate expenses, depending on the condition and regulatory requirements of the new location, necessitating a well-planned budget to accommodate these potential financial outlays.

Technology and Communications Setup

Setting up new phone and internet services in a relocated office often entails installation fees and potential scheduling challenges. Early termination of existing utility contracts may result in additional fees. Upgrades to match the technological needs of the new space can also add significant expenses, from enhanced networking hardware to updated security systems.

After Tenancy Cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance are crucial factors to consider in the budget for an office move. When vacating the old office, professional cleaning services are often required to fulfill lease agreements or to prepare the space for the return to the landlord, which could range from a few hundred to a couple of thousand pounds, depending on the size and condition of the premises.

Similarly, the new office space may need a thorough cleaning before move-in, ensuring a fresh start in a spotless environment. This service also varies in cost, influenced by the office’s square footage and the level of cleaning required, but businesses should anticipate a comparable expense to that of the old office’s cleaning.

How Long In Advance Should I Hire Your Services?

To secure the best price for your London office removal, it’s advisable to book as early as possible, ideally 2-3 months in advance. Early booking allows you to benefit from potential early bird discounts and ensures greater availability of moving dates to fit your schedule. Additionally, it gives you ample time to prepare and coordinate all aspects of the move, potentially reducing last-minute expenses that can arise from rushed planning.

Will Dismantling And Assembling Of Office Furniture Cost Extra?

At Movivan Removals, we strive to cater to all your moving needs, which includes the careful dismantling and reassembling of your office furniture. These services are indeed available for an additional fee, ensuring that skilled professionals handle your items with the utmost care and efficiency. The cost for these services will be clearly outlined in your moving quote, providing transparency and helping you to budget for the full scope of your office relocation needs.


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Outstanding and professional delivery service; even at such short notice. When I enquired about the date I was moving, it wasn’t long before they gave me an affordable quote and time slot. On the day of moving, the lorry arrived on time, and I was greeted by two very polite gentlemen, who managed gather my furniture etc in good time. Furthermore, upon arriving at my new flat, the goods were delivered with speed and care, leaving all my personal possessions in tact. Just to reiterate the point: Movivan provide an outstanding delivery service!


Andrew Neelands, Google

Which Are The Most Common Office Items Moved By Movivan?

Over the years we haved moved various size offices in London, restaurant equipment, bank branches, 2 schools and one daycare. Our movers always come equipped with knowledge, equipment, a thorough plan how do move will go and friendly attitude.

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