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House removals in London can be very stressful and it is typically connected with transporting heavy furniture. For some people, this might look easy, but it requires strong and experienced house removal specialists, large removal vans, and house-moving equipment. Movivan Removals has it all, so you can leave the hard work to us. We will make your house removal experience quick and pleasant.

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Hayley PierceHayley Pierce
19:37 04 Dec 22
Used this company today - would highly recommend. Very punctual, courteous and polite. The 2 men we had quickly pointed out any damage to furniture prior to them handling it, so we knew our possessions would be looked after by this company. The timescale from booking to the work being completed was very quick & would not hesitate in contacting them again if we need removal services. Excellent customer service
J&K ManningJ&K Manning
16:32 22 Sep 22
I recently moved to London and had my goods shipped via cargo container so was looking for a local London moving company to help with unloading the container into my flat. I was referred to Movivan as a potential company, I feel I made a great choice in going with them. I initially worked with Ivan (believe he is one of the managers) to talk about what service I needed, when, and what all I had to moved. He was very responsive and professional. The team scheduled to do the move was very friendly, professional, efficient, and handled the goods (boxes, furniture) with care. I would recommend them and use them again in the future for other moves.Cheers - J
Richard BowersRichard Bowers
15:49 13 Sep 21
The whole team is great. We originally contacted a few removal firms to compare quotes, but cancelled the others before they surveyed as Movivan were the most prompt and responsive from initial contact. Their survey put us at ease, with friendly honest conversation about the move and we instantly trusted them to help with our relocation some 120 miles. No sales pitch, just straight up. As with most house moves, it's not an exact science and the completion date was postponed numerous times, Movivan didn't pressure us and accommodated the change each time. Their professionalism continued from their office team to the operations team on the ground moving us. Polite, always smiling and efficient. They're clearly professionals who have plenty of experience and know what they're doing. What could have been a very very stressful day was made a lot easier by having this team to hand and we can't recommend them enough. Thank you.
Ian WilsonIan Wilson
15:34 25 Aug 21
Movivan was suggested by a very good friend who just used them to move to High Wycombe. I gave them a call, and they had such great customer service. And it was such a reasonable quote, I went with them, and I'm glad I did. The service they provided, the team that was sent, even during the move I had to hire another van through them, and it was such a smooth transaction with them. The move was completed efficiently, and no headaches or hick up's. I would advised you to give them a call, you will not regret it.

Why Hire Our House Removals Services?

We can carry heavy furniture and protect your valuable items. We will transport your belongings anywhere in the UK.

Opting for Movivan’s house removal services when moving house in London has many benefits. We offer comprehensive services which include packing, transporting, and unpacking of items, ensuring a hassle-free move. Our removal men are highly trained and experienced in handling items of all kinds, guaranteeing the safe delivery of your belongings. We will carefully wrap your furniture and safely transport it to your new home in London or anywhere in the UK.

To every home relocation, we add £50,000 Goods in Transit insurance for free, which safeguards your possessions against any potential damage. Movivan specializes in various delicate and specific moving services.

House removals services

Why not check our moving home checklist, so you don`t miss anything when preparing for your relocation? It is a good starting point which can serve you as a guide when using Movivan.

What House Removal Extras We Offer?

Our house move services include packing and unpacking of the boxes, furniture handyman, storage and furniture disposal.

Packing Service

Full or partial packing to help you prepare before our house movers come to start loading. We bring the boxes and protect with insurance.

Dismantle & Assemble

Our furniture assembly service include taking any furniture apart which cannot come out as one piece and assemble at the new address.

Small Moves

From single items removals locally or across the country, to cost-saving and reliable partial house removals done by the experts.


When your home removals require short or long-term storage, we provide affordable and secure storage facility.

How To Prepare When Home Moving?

The difference between successful and stress-free house move and a moving disaster is our ten steps moving plan.

1. Make A Plan

When planning your move, it is important to decide what help you will need, as when moving home it is not just transporting your belongings. If it is a full house move, you most likely will have to take the big furniture like beds and wardrobes apart, pack your clothes and dishes into boxes, and even wrap your mirrors and paintings. Movivan Removals can do all this for you, but you need to be aware that more house-moving services you will need the more expensive it will be.

2. Get A Quote

Reach out to our sales office via email or phone for a competitive quote. The more details we have about your move, the more precise our quote will be. We offer both hourly rates and fixed prices. For larger removals, we conduct on-site or video surveys to ensure accuracy and avoid additional costs or errors, leading to a flat rate price. However, without complete details, we typically provide an hourly rate quote. Please note that we have a minimum charge policy of four hours for any removal job, even for brief, local single-item house moves.

3. Declutter

Decluttering before a house removal streamlines the move by reducing the volume of items, which can lower transportation costs. It simplifies packing and unpacking, as you only handle items that are necessary or hold sentimental value. We can also help you get rid of the items that don`t fit in your car.

4. Pack`em All

For a stress-free moving experience, it’s crucial to have all your boxes packed and labeled prior to the moving day, especially if you’re not utilizing Movivan’s packing services. Proper packing ensures that your belongings are secure and organized, reducing the risk of damage during transit. Labeling each box with its contents and designated room streamlines the unpacking process, allowing for a more efficient move. This preparation also allows the Movivan team to work more effectively, as they can quickly and accurately place your items in the correct locations at your new residence.

5. Arrange The Parking

Adequate parking ensures the removal van has close and safe access to your property, minimizing the risk of damage to belongings and speeding up the loading and unloading process. Additionally, arranging proper parking helps avoid potential fines and reduces the overall stress of the moving day in a bustling urban environment.

6. House Free

During a move, ensuring the safety of children and pets like dogs and cats is paramount. Keeping them away from the moving process protects them from potential hazards such as heavy lifting, shifting furniture, or open doors, which pose risks of injury or escape. Additionally, it helps maintain a safer and more efficient environment for our house movers, free from distractions or interruptions that children and pets might inadvertently cause.

7. Start Time

If you inform us of the exact time you’ll receive the keys to your new property, we can precisely schedule the start of your house move. This careful timing minimizes the risk of incurring extra charges due to delays or extended service hours.

8. The Boring Part

Letting Movivan handle the dismantling and reassembling of your furniture means it’s done right and fast. Our team knows how to do it quickly and with care. Plus, if anything unexpected happens, our insurance has it covered.

9. Have The Money

Please be prepared to settle the remaining balance on the moving day, as outlined in the documents we’ve provided. These documents detail the exact amount due and the specific payment deadline. Having this payment ready on the day of the move ensures a smooth and hassle-free completion of our services.

10. New Home Planning

Having a clear plan for where each item should go in your new home is essential, as our house movers will place your belongings in the designated rooms and areas. This organized approach not only speeds up the moving process but also makes unpacking and settling into your new space much easier.

Which Areas Do We Cover?

Movivan cover all boroughs including areas like Guilford, Slough, Windsor, Watford and Enfield.

  • Barking and Dagenham
  • Barnet
  • Bexley
  • Brent
  • Brentford
  • Bromley
  • Camden
  • Croydon
  • Ealing
  • Enfield
  • Fulham
  • Greenwich
  • Hackney
  • Hammersmith and Fulham
  • Haringey
  • Harrow
  • Havering
  • Hillingdon
  • Putney
  • Redbridge
  • Richmond upon Thames
  • Southwark, Sutton
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Waltham Forest
  • Wandsworth
  • West Drayton
  • City of Westminster


9 + 7 =

Absolutely exceptional professional service – I had the best experience throughout my house removal with Movivan. Super friendly to email with, helpful, fast at replies, the move itself was smooth and fast and all goods arrived safely and great care was taken.
Highly recommended (from someone who never writes any reviews!). Thanks again so much to Movivan Removals and everyone I dealt with!


Lisa Star, Google

House Removals FAQs

Helping you move home is what we do for a living. If you have questions, we have the answers.

How long does it take to empty my house?

The time it takes to empty a house when moving home using Movivan depends on a variety of factors. These factors can include the size of the house, the number of items to be moved, the level of organization, and the services you have booked with the company.

For a typical three-bedroom house, with a standard amount of furniture and belongings, it might take anywhere from 4 to 5 hours to wrap the furniture and load the items. However, this can vary widely depending on the specific circumstances of the move. If we are also providing packing, unpacking, and any dismantling service, it may take additional time.

The best way to get an accurate estimate is to discuss your specific needs and circumstances with one of our removal specialists.

  • 1 Bedroom property/loading and unloading time / 4-4.5 hours
  • 2 Bedrooms property/loading and unloading time / 6-6.5 hours
  • 3 Bedrooms property/loading and unloading time / 8-9 hours

You can also continue reading this extensive guide on how long it takes to empty a property.

When do you come to pack the boxes?

Depending on the number of boxes we need to pack, we typically do the packing a day before the actual move. This is mostly done when your property is a minimum of 2 or 3 bedrooms. For small properties where there is not much to pack, we can do a pack move house even on the same day.

One-bedroom property – Same day

2-3 bedrooms properties – 1 day in advance packing

4-5 bedrooms properties – 1 or 2 days in advance packing

Is your moving services fully insured?

Part of being a professional moving home company in London is to have insurance in place. We are fully insured for up to £50,000 per vehicle. If you are using our storage facility we cover your belongings with a minimum of £5,000 insurance cover free of charge, but we can increase it as much as you want it to be.

How do I pay for your moving services?

We have a two-stage payment system when using our house removals services. The first stage is when you want to hire and book Movivan. We require a 25% deposit to be paid upfront. Once deposit is paid, you will receive an Acceptance form confirming the agreement and a receipt for the paid deposit.

The second stage is your moving day. Once our removal team load everything and reach the new address, we require the remaining balance to be cleared before unloading. The deposit will be deducted from the final amount.

What happens with my move if I can`t exchange?

If you have already booked Movivan for your house move, with our Acceptance Form you have received our Terms and Conditions. Inside our T&Cs you will find all information needed regarding postponing or canceling your move. You can find our T&Cs also here. In short, if you need to postpone your move and you give us enough time, we will most likely be able to change your house move to a new desired date.

Canceling your relocation is almost the same. As you have probably paid the deposit already if you give us more than 10 days notice we will refund your money back. If you give us less than 10 days’ notice, you will need to refer to our T&Cs as there will be different charges depending on how short the notice is.

How do you keep the moving costs down?

Keeping moving costs down requires careful planning and comparison shopping. Start by decluttering your home to reduce the volume of items you need to move, as this can significantly cut down on transportation costs. Compare quotes from multiple moving companies and consider moving during off-peak seasons to take advantage of lower rates. Additionally, you can save on packing supplies by using recycled boxes and newspapers or borrowing materials from friends and family. These tips can be used in different scenarios like partial moves, student moves, or when moving out of your parent’s house.

Am I responsible for the parking?

It is the customer’s responsibility to organize the parking and in case of any parking fines, the customer will have to cover them. If you need help, give us a call on 0208 0033 260 and we will try to give you the best advice. Alternatively, contact your borough for help and support.

Do you offer international moves?

We used to move lots of customers to many European countries like France, Belgium, Italy, and Spain. Because of Brexit and all new rules and regulations, we have limited our international removal services to Northern Ireland and Ireland only. For the rest of the international moving inquiries, we work with a third-party company to which we subcontract all moves.

Can I use my own removal boxes?

Yes, you can absolutely use your own moving boxes or containers. You can buy them online, or from a local shop. To make it easier we also offer a one-stop solution for your needs- we can sell and deliver all packing materials to your doorstep. You can check our prices here. We can help you pack, unpack and transport all boxes for you and it won`t cost much. Call us on 0208 0033 260 and get a price with no commitment.

The most important part when buying boxes is to make sure they are minimum double-walled and sturdy enough as they will be placed on top of each other inside our removal trucks. Once you start packing the boxes, try to make them no heavier than 20 kg. Place small heavy items like books in smaller boxes. Linen and clothes can go in bigger boxes. Do not forget to label all boxes, as our London movers will use them as guidance. We have also created an extensive house packing guide, which can give you more details on what is the best way to pack the boxes.

Is house removals worth it?

Probably many people are thinking of doing house removals by themselves. We strongly believe moving home is only worth doing by yourself if you are moving just a few bags and small items.

Large furniture and bigger properties will require hiring a big van and help from strong friends or family members. Things will get complicated if you need more than one removal van and you need to vacate the property by lunch time.

In those kind of scenarios, using experiences house removals company like Movivan will have more benefits and it might even be a cheaper option in some cases.

Do you do unpacking of the boxes?

If requested, we can do full or partial unpacking of the boxes. Depending on the agreement this might cost extra. It is advisable, we know about the unpacking beforehand so we have a clear plan and be more efficient. If you do not want unpacking from us, check our helpful article on what to unpack first after household removals.

If you haven`t found the answers, you can try our extensive house-moving guides.