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Welcome to Movivan’s comprehensive guide on packing boxes and materials for your upcoming house or office move. Discover expert tips, essential packing supplies, and smart packing techniques to ensure a smooth and organized relocation experience.

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Packing Boxes and Materials

Getting the correct size and type of packing boxes is essential for a smooth and secure house or office removals. We offer quality and affordable packing materials.

At Movivan Removals and Storage, we use only quality materials and boxes for moving houses. All our removal boxes are double-walled and made for professional moving services. We have a vast stock of different sizes in our base in Feltham. We also supply spacious tall and short wardrobe boxes for moving house with rails where you can hang all your coats, shirts, and dresses. For all range of products, we supply check our materials list below. For any queries, you can always contact us at 020 800 33 260 or emails us at

If you prefer to pack everything yourselves, we can deliver the packing materials to your address at no extra cost( for orders over £ 100.00 ). Do not forget to label the boxes and especially which ones are fragile. It is very important for us to know, which boxes contain fragile items inside. Our main office is in Heston, near Heathrow. This gives us a great opportunity to be quick with all our packing materials deliveries around London.

Try Our Packing Supplies Calculator

If you struggle to calculate how many boxes, bubble wrap or tape you need to order, feel free to use our helpfull packing supplies calculator.

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Packing Boxes Bundles

Why get packing supplies separate, when you can buy a bundle based on your property size?

£126.00 inc.VAT

Small Pack


10 Medium Packing Boxes

10 Large Packing Boxes

2 Tapes & 10m Bubble Wrap

1 x 2.5 kg Packing Paper ( 200 sheets approx )

*suitable for studio or room only

£180.00 inc.VAT

Medium Pack


20 Medium Packing Boxes

15 Large Packing Boxes

3 Tapes & 20m Bubble Wrap

1 x 2.5 kg Packing Paper ( 200 sheets approx )

*suitable for 1 bedroom properties

£288.00 inc.VAT

Large Pack


25 Medium Packing Boxes

25 Large Packing Boxes

5 Tapes & 40m Bubble Wrap

1 x 5 kg Packing Paper ( 450 sheets approx )

2 Wardrobe boxes with rails

*suitable for 2-bedroom properties

£504.00 inc.VAT

XXL Pack


40 Medium Packing Boxes

40 Large Packing Boxes

8 Tapes & 80m Bubble Wrap

1 x 5 kg Packing Paper ( 450 sheets approx )

5 Wardrobe boxes with rails

*suitable for 3 bedrooms properties

Single Packing Materials Cost

Find out how much a single large packing box or a single wardrobe box costs when using Movivan Removals.

£4.80 inc.VAT

Large box

Ideal for clothes, light equipment, fragile items, linens

Dimensions: 18” x 18” x 18″

£3.60 inc.VAT

Medium box

Medium boxes are recommended for books, DVDs and fragile items

Dimensions: 18” x 12” x 12″

£6.00 inc.VAT

Packing Paper

Reusable packing paper to protect your kitchen and fragile items

Quantity: 100 sheets

£2.50 inc.VAT


High-quality removals tape to secure your boxes and covers

Lenght: 100 m

£14.40 inc.VAT

Wardrobe box

For your hanging clothes. Very durable and handy to use.

Dimensions: 20” x 19” x 38″

£8.40 inc.VAT

Bubble wrap

High-quality bubble wrap for extra protection of your fragile items

Dimensions: 10 m x 0.75 m

£7.20 inc.VAT

Removal Blanket

Protect your expensive furniture while in transit, storage or garage

Quantity: 1

£25.00 inc.VAT

Stretch wrap

Wrap and protect your belongings from dirt and water. Extra durable

Quantity: 1 roll

Packing Boxes FAQs

When moving home you might wonder how many packing boxes you will need what boxes are typically used. Get your questions answered.

– How many boxes would I need?

Without any experience calculating the number of packing boxes for moving house will not be easy. If you have never moved before, you will most likely underestimate the number of items that will need packing. When the small items are hidden and stored in cupboards and cabinets, you can easily forget that they will need to be placed into removal boxes. Based on our experience we are giving you a rough idea of the number of the packing boxes for moving house you will need below:

1 bedrooms property – 20-30 boxes

2 bedrooms property – 30-50 boxes

3 bedrooms property – 60-80 boxes

– If I cannot pack everything, can you help me with the packing?

Yes, we can help you and finish the packing. Be aware there might be extra charges if this is an extra service we are doing.

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– What size of boxes I will need?

Movivan Removals offer 3 sizes of boxes. We sell large removal boxes with sizes 18x18x18 inches which are suitable for light stuff like clothes, pillows, and linen. The medium size packing boxes have 18x12x12 size. They are suitable for packing books and fragile items from the kitchen. The third size packing box is called the wardrobe box. We use them to pack hanging clothes to avoid folding them. They are suitable for suits, coats, shirts, and skirts.

– What is a wardrobe box?

A wardrobe box is a tall packing box that all removal companies use for hanging clothes when packing boxes for moving house.

– If I need extra packing boxes for moving house, can deliver them again?

Yes, we can deliver as many times as you want. Do not forget for orders less than £100 we have to charge a delivery charge which will depend on the delivery address.

– What are the cheaper alternatives?

Refuse sacks – They are much cheaper compared to moving boxes, but suitable only for clothes, linen and any light and soft material. We do not advise using those types of bags as they are hard to be transported and easy to be ripped off. Not suitable for fragile items and books.

Storage zipped bag – this is similar to refuse sacks but slightly more durable. These bags are good for storing clothes, but not good when it comes to breakables and heavy items.

Plastic IKEA containers – Those plastic storage containers can be used to transport everything from clothes to breakables, but the containers are easy to be damaged and many times their plastic lids get broken in transit.

Suitcases – If you have lots of old suitcases you can use them to pack your small items, but you will need a lot if you live in a big property. Possible damages could be their handles and wheels. We do not advise buying new suitcases, as this is more expensive than using removal boxes.