Movivan Removals in Barnet

The London borough of Barnet is a suburban London borough in North London,England forming part of Outer London.It is the second largest borough by population with 331,500 inhabitants and covers an area of 86.74 square kilometres,the forth highest.

The London Borough of Barnet has 86 primary schools, 22 secondary schools and four special schools.The main college in the borough is Barnet College, with five sites.Middlesex university has its main campus at Hendon.

Parking places can be suspended in certain circumstances, for example during:

  • removals
  • building works
  • utility works
  • special events

Suspending a parking place stops people from parking in it if you need to park a specific vehicle to carry out a removal.We can’t guarantee that people will not park illegally in a suspended bay, but if they do they’ll get a penalty charge notice. The council can’t clamp or remove the vehicle.You must give us at least 5 working days’ notice to apply for a parking suspension.For all parking bay suspension enquiries, please send an email to: should receive a response from us within 2 working days.

Suspension fees

Parking suspensions are charged at a daily rate of £60 per parking space (a 5-metre length), per day. There is no administration fee.

If 2 separate parking spaces are suspended on the same day, 2 charges of £60 are payable even if the parking places are in the same street. For example, 2 spaces suspended for two days would cost £60 + £60 x 2 = £240.

You should pay in advance of the suspension being carried out. However, if payment can’t be made in advance we’ll need a purchase order number, with payment being provided shortly afterwards.