Movivan Removals Acceptance & Inventory List

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Before you start did you check our Terms and Conditions? Download from here.

You will also need the full value of items Movivan will move.

Example: Sofa replacement value £1000, table replacement value £500, clothes replacement value £10,000. Total replacement value to be insured is £11,500


Importance Of Reading & Signing The Acceptance Terms

Reading and signing the acceptance of removal conditions is crucial when moving house as it ensures you fully understand the terms of service, including pricing, timelines, and responsibilities. This agreement outlines the liabilities and obligations of both parties, protecting your interests and providing clarity on what to expect from the moving company. It also serves as a legal document, safeguarding against misunderstandings and disputes during the moving process. By signing this agreement, you confirm your consent to the terms, ensuring a transparent and smooth relocation experience.

Why Providing Inventory List Is Important?

Accuracy in Planning 

Having an accurate inventory list can tell us what size of the moving truck needed and the number of staff necessary to efficiently and safely handle your move. This precision in planning helps in providing you with a more accurate quote and avoids unexpected costs.

Efficient Time Management

 Knowing exactly what needs to be moved allows us to estimate the time it will take to complete your move more accurately. This helps in scheduling and ensures that we allocate sufficient time to carefully handle each of your items.

Safety and Security

 A comprehensive inventory list helps in tracking all your items throughout the moving process. It acts as a checklist to ensure that everything loaded onto the truck is delivered to your new location. This minimizes the risk of items being misplaced or forgotten.

Customized Care

Different items require different types of handling and packing. By knowing what we will be moving, we can prepare with the appropriate materials and techniques, whether it’s for delicate glassware, large furniture, or electronic equipment. This tailored approach ensures the safety and integrity of your belongings.

Insurance and Liability

In the unlikely event of damage or loss, the inventory list is a key document. It provides a clear record of the items entrusted to us, which is essential for any insurance claims and liability purposes. This adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind for you during the move.

Efficient Load & Unload 

With a detailed inventory, our team can plan the loading and unloading process more effectively. This organization can significantly reduce the time and effort required to set up your new home or office, as items can be directly placed in their intended locations.