Moving to your new home can be expensive. It is always good to know how to save as much as you can. Movivan Removals and Storage offer various services connected with your move- packing or unpacking of the boxes, dismantling and reassembling of furniture, storage and clearance. Unfortunately any service you choose will cost you certain amount, depending on the duration and number of movers needed. In this article we have collected the best 5 tips on how to save off your moving costs.

1. Using recycling boxes

When any of our customers are using our moving boxes and they move locally in London we offer collection of the boxes after our services. The boxes if used correctly can be used 2-3 times maximum. Once we collect used boxes, our job is to check if there are boxes which are in bad state and we take them to our local recycling centre. The rest of the boxes which can be used we offer them to customers who are looking to save from paying for brand new boxes. We charge £1 per single used box and you can come to our warehouse in Feltham to choose and buy as many as you want. For orders over £60.00 we do FREE deliveries. As a comparison to see the difference 50 new large boxes will cost you £150.00+VAT, while 50 used large boxes will cost you only £50.00+VAT.

Another places you can get used boxes are your local shops. They will be happy to give you boxes. Just make sure these  boxes you take are not damaged or wet. They also must be minimum double-walled. Thin, damaged or wet boxes cannot be stacked and this will be an issue for our movers when loading the moving van on the moving day. Transporting single wall cartoon boxes cause risk and can ruin your belongings.

2. Take less items- declutter your home

Once you decide you want to move and you have a clear idea when this will happen, this about the items you don`t need at your new home- old clothes, shoes, old furniture and anything which just takes space but you don`t use. Moving less items will cost less. Movivan charge for the hours we will need to complete the move and the number of movers and vehicles are needed to do that. We also offer clearance service, but if you want to do it yourself check your local recyling centre for more information. If the items are not big you can take it with your car. For large items like furniture, you most likely will need a van to fit it in and take it to the local dumping yard. Be aware recycling centres might charge you if you are not resident in this area or if you are trying to dispose certain items like mattresses, oil, white goods or tyres.

Alternative option to get rid of old furniture is to contact your local British Heart Foundation. They can come and collect it for free directly from your home.

3. Move on a week day

The most busiest days for any removals company in London are Fridays and Saturdays. Also end of each month is typically very busy for Movivan. If you can be flexible with your moving date, try to move between Monday and Thrusday. If we are not very busy we might offer you further discount, so we can keep our moving teams busy every days. Unfortunately if you will be exchanging properties it will be really hard to move a different day than Friday or Saturday. If the case is you have to move on a busy date, try to book a moving slot with us minimum 3-4 weeks in advance. We still might have the chance to give you a discount. Simply contact us and we will try to give you the best moving price possible.

4. Do the packing yourself

Packing the boxes takes time and we have to charge it for this service. If you can pack the clothes, books and dishes yourself this can save you a significant amount of money. Try to get good recycled boxes and plan to have plenty of time before your moving day as packing of boxes takes time. Make sure you use plenty of bubble wrap, packing paper or old magazines when wrapping the breakables. It is also very important boxes to be no heavier than 20 KG! Lifting and moving very heavy boxes through narrow stairs will be difficult as our movers works every day and they lift heavy items on daily basis.

5. Take the furniture apart

If you have large bed or wardrobe these items more likely has to be taken apart. If you have done it before, have the time and tools, you can try doing it yourself. If our movers do not have to do this, our service will cost less. Try to do as much as you can, but be very carefull. Sometimes it is always much better to leave it to the professionals. Every moving team always come prepared with tools in case something needs to be taken apart. Call us on 0208 003 3260 to discuss your potential move and we will advice you on prices and what needs to be dismantled.



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