Moving home is very stressful and preparation is everything. Movivan Removals and Storage has a list of 25 important things you must do before our moving team arrive and start loading your belongings. Everything on the list is necessary for a smooth and quick move. If any part of the article is not clear or you need additional help, feel free to call us on 0208 003 3260 or email us at

1. Declutter and recycle old furniture and unwanted items

Before we come to assess your property or before our moving team arrive, it is always a good idea to try to declutter your home as much as possible. If we have to pack and / or move less items, we will charge you less for our services. Just take your council tax letter with you and the disposal centre should allow you to do it for free.

2. Disposing of unwanted items

If you can`t do it yourself, Movivan can help you clear old furniture and unwanted items. You need to check your local dumping centre, if we are allowed to go there and if there are any restrictions. If we cannot use your local dumping yard, we can take the rubbish to our local Feltham disposal centre. Their charge is £25 per every 100 kg and we will charge you for the time it will take us to complete the disposal.

3. Schedule a free home survey with us

If your home is 2 bedrooms + or if you require additional services like packing, dismantling or storage, Movivan recommend you to schedule a FREE home survey with one of our surveyors. This is needed to assess your belongings, parking conditions, access and number of boxes to be packed. Using a lorry in many parts of London is very tricky and we need to check if a large vehicle can access your street. Ony after a removal survey we will be able to give you a flat rate moving price, so you do not have to worry about the final moving cost. Contact us now on 02080033260 or by email at and our customer service team will help you schedule a survey on a desired date and time for you.

4. Reserve parking if you do not have one

If you do not have your own driveway, check and try to block parking spaces as close as possible to the main entrance. As a guidance a Luton van needs minimum 2 parking spaces to park and to be loaded. A bigger lorry will need 3 or more spaces minimum. Contact us if you are not sure and we will guide you through.

5. Organize the parking at your new address

To be completely accurate with our moving price, we would need to know where our vehicles will park at the new address. If you do not have your own parking, you will have to reserve parking spaces as close as possible to the main entrance. As a guidance we need minimum 2 parking bays to park a Luton 3.5T van and minimum 3 parking spaces to park a 12T lorry. Try to inform us if there any height or width restrictions, as parking far from your property will slow us down and might change our price.

6. Inform us of any obstructions or parking and time restrictions

Parking is very important for a successful relocation. You must inform us for any width or height obstructions before we arrive to your property if we haven`t done a home survey. Same apply to your new home. Also look for any low trees and branches, cables or anything which could cause risk or obstruct safe loading or offloading. If our vehicle cannot enter and there is a difference in your description, we might have to charge you extra. Another issue might be using of a wrong size vehicle if we are not aware of any restrictions. It will be a nightmare for you as a customer and for our moving crew to do a long distance move and on arrival at the new address to find out our lorry cannot reach your property. For assistance and advice contact us via phone or email and we will do our best to help you with the logistics part.

7. Plan where the furniture will go at your new home

If you have an access to your new home or a floor plan minimum, it is better where everything will go. Our movers need guidance where to place everything on arrival. If you are not sure and you do not have any plan, this will slow us down. We cannot move your furniture more than once inside your house, as this will take more time and you will have to pay extra.

8. Pack your small items into boxes or plastic crates

You need to prepare all small items like clothes, books and dishes into boxes or plastic containers. If you are not sure how to do it or you do not have time for it, Movivan can do it for you. We offer full or partial packing services. If you still prefer to do it yourself we can supply you with professional removal boxes and packing materials. Check our online store and call us on 02080033260 to order.

9. Do not overload the boxes /crates

Making the boxes too heavy can damage your belongings inside or can making moving the boxes a real struggle. It is very important the boxes are no more than 20 kg heavy. Carrying heavy removal boxes through the stairs is very exausting and will make our movers tired. Don`t forget they help moving customers every day!

10. Emergency box- what is this?

Emergency box is where you put everything you will need as soon as you move into your new home. You can prepare one box with all chargers, remotes, medicine or anything important and labelled it ”Emergency”. You can take it in your car or tell our moving crew to load this box last. Once they reach your new property, this will be the first thing they will offload, so you can open it and use it.

11. Change your address with all companies you use

Don`t forget to change your postal address with all companies and services you use – phone suppliers, council tax, Amazon, eBay watter and energy companies and anyone who needs your address to supply goods and services for you

12. Using cleaning service and what do we need to know

If you will be using after tenancy cleaning service, let us know what time they will be coming so we do not obstruct each other. If we know your moving size, we can tell you how long it will take us to load, so you can plan the cleaning to be done after we empty your property. If you have to stay and clean the property, try to organize someone to be at your new property. If we do not have immediate access, we might charge you extra for waiting time. Feel free to contact our customer service on 02080033260 to discuss your plan and needs.

13. Moving with kids

It can be very dangerous your children to be running around while our team is moving heavy furniture and boxes around your home. Ask a relative to look after them or even to take them to the local park until our movers finish.

14. Moving with pets

Our moving services exclude moving pets. You will have to plan and organize how your dog or cat will travel to your new home. It is also important to temporary move any pets away from movers way on the moving day. Keep the dog on a leash in the garden or leave it with a relative or a neighbour while our moving team is helping you move.

15. Fish tank- how to prepare it

In order to move a fish tank, it must be emptied before our moving crew arrive. You can get special fish bags to transport the fish. Fish tanks can be very heavy and we will not move a fish tank filled with water inside. If the fish tank is big we will also need to know which floor the fish tank is coming out, any lift or awkward stairs, and on which floor the fish tank is going to. Depending on size sometimes we might have to send 3 or more movers to move the fish tank.

16. Waiting for the keys- time waiver

If you are exchanging properties and you are part of a chain, you most likely must be out of your old property by 12 pm and wait the transaction to go through so you can receive the keys for your new home. Movivan understand this important step and this is why we can advice you what time to start so you can be out on time. Movivan will give you one hour FREE waiting time to get the keys which is enough the transaction to go through. In case of any delays we will have to charge additional accordingly depending on the number of movers we will use to help you move.

17. Make sure you have the money to make the final payment

We require the remaining balance to be paid before we start offloading. As we send our Booking Confirmation before your moving date, you should have an idea what the outstanding balance you will have to pay . If you are on an hourly rate be prepare to have extra, as your move might take longer than expected. If you are not sure and yu need more information, feel free to contact us and discuss this matter with our customer service team.

18. Emptying the loft

Our removals team can help you emptying the loft, but only if the loft is secured and will not cause any risk to our moving crew. We hold the right not to access your loft, if we notice any possible hazards and health risks. It is best to consult with our surveyor or sales team over the phone. When visiting your property show the loft and the access to it to our representative, so we have a better idea if we can do it or not. Our movers will also check again on the moving day to confirm it is safe to be used.

19. Restricted items we do not transport

Our insurance do not allow us to move items like gas bottles ( empty and full ), paint, jewellery, money and liquid flammables. We are not allow to move this items even short distance. We take moving people`s belongings seriously and we do not want to risk our employee`s life or being accused of money missing.

20. Organize your own transport to the new address

Movivan is happy to organize and help you move, but we are not allow to give a lift to our customers. Inside our removal vans, only our employees are allow to travel. You will have to organize and plan your travel to your new address. If you are moving long-distance, you have to try to be at the new address before our moving team arrive or arrange someone else to be there to provide an access for our moving team. Any unnecessery delays caused by the customer could lead to extra charges. It is always better to speak with us so we can confirm if the extra payment will be needed or not.

21. Coffee, tea and food for our moving crew

It will be really nice if you can offer some refreshing drinks to our moving crew, but it is not mandatory. It is up to you if you want to do it or not. Our moving teams are there to help you move no matter what.

22. Giving tips to our movers- yes or no and when

Should you give tips to our moving crew? Typically if a customer is happy with our service they give small tips to our hard working movers outside. This could be a lunch, drinks or even cash in hand. This is up to our customers and we do not require it. In case you want to give tips to our team, Movivan advise you to do this at the end of the move. Check if everything is done as expected and any tips after this will be your decision.

23. Submit your inventory list before we come

Movivan Removals and Storage is a fully insured to move your belongings. To get full access to our ”Goods in Transit” insurance you need to submit a full inventory list of the items we will relocate. Our inventory list can be found attached to our quotations and confirmation sent to you via email. If you can`t find it, simply call us on 02080033260 or email us. The most important items to be on the inventory list are the more expensive items, but we do require everything else to be there too.

24. Book your house move minimum 2-3 weeks in advance

We get booked quickly! Our services are desired for being professional and friendly. We have customers reserving moving slots 2 months ahead just to make sure they have a fantastic moving experience and friendly moving crew. This is also important if you are part of a house chain and you are exchanging properties. They always happen on Friday and certain dates gets booked very quick. Contact our customer service for advice and for further assistance.

25. Leave us a nice review

If you are happy with any of our moving services, we would appreciate if you leave us a few nice words at review platforms like RemovalReviews, Checkatrade or Google. Every time we help someone move our main goal is to serve the best way possible. Your feedback will be much appreciated by all in Movivan Removals and Storage!



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