Movivan Removals offer full or partial packing services. We have a wide range of big and small boxes to pack your clothes, books and fragile items. So how much it will cost you this service?

Full Packing Service

This means we  will do everything. Our professional and experienced packing team will pack every room and space in your property into boxes. All cupboards and drawers will be emptied into double-side removal boxes. We use only sturdy, professional moving boxes. They are designed to carry a weight of up to 20 kg, so they can be stacked and carried easily.

On arrival we will quickly assess the property and make a plan from where to start. If there are two or more packers on the day- one will start in the kitchen packing breakables and the rest will start with the bedrooms probably. Each box will be labelled, so check if you like how they label the boxes and give them suggestions as you will be the one opening the boxes after looking through them where everything will go at the new place. All books and fragile items will go into smaller boxes and linen and clothes will be packed into big boxes. The sizes we use are 18” x 18” x 18” and 18” x 12” x 12”. For the hanging clothes we use wardrobe boxes which are ideal to prevent your expensive suits and dresses being folded. There is enough space at the bottom to put some shoes or empty hangers.

Partial Packing Service

If you don`t want us to pack everything, we can pack certain items only or a certain part of the house. We are flexible and we can acommodate our services based on your needs. Movivan always recommend to use our trained packing team to pack the fragile items at least. This way we can protect and insure everything whats inside the boxes. If you are not using our packing services we cover each box with our limited liability, which is £40.00 per box.

Hourly Rate Packing Service

If you decide to choose hourly rate packing service we can keep preparing the boxes until you think our help will be enough. Before choosing an hourly rate it is important to understand we have a minimum charge of 3 hours. This means that even if our packing team work for one hour, we will still require a payment for 3 hours. So you can start doing the packing and try to pack everything what you don`t want our packers to touch. Leave everything else to us- our packing teams are very quick and torough.




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