Before we move your belongings they need to be wrapped and packed properly ready to be transported long distance. If your moving budget allow it, we can send experienced packing team. They will put all small items into removal boxes, label them correctly and mark any which has fragile items inside. All furniture must be protected with removal blankets, furniture paper or bubble wrap. Movivan use special furniture paper to cover furniture like cabinets, drawers and beds so they can reach your new home without a single scratch.

If the items has to be loaded into containers they will have to be protected from all water, heat and weather conditions while on the ship. Leaving your furniture without any protection will most likely to find your belonings damaged and not suitable to use them again once you move to your new home.


We strongly advise to thoose our export packing service to pack and prepare your belongings for the move. Our professional movers will bring furniture export paper to protect the furniture and sturdy professional removal boxes to protect everything from moist, scratched and damages. While being transported your goods need extra protection as this may take days and weeks to arrive at your new home and thousands of miles. We will label and organize your belongigns into our removal vans or container in a specific way to avoid any posibilities of damages. Roughly packing of the boxes cost around £130-£140 for every 20 boxes, including the packing materials and labor. Wrapping each items with furniture paper will cost £6.00 per item, but it is worth it. You have paid hundreds and thousands of pounds for your furniture and you wanted them delivered in the same condition.


Depending on the size there are couple of ways your goods to be delivered- with a removal van or lorry by road, with a container loaded on a ship if you are moving to another continent or pallet system loaded on a plane. Movivan Removals and Storage has succesfully completed relocations to France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy and Austria. We can load your goods on our removals vans and transport anywhere in Europe. Everything will be wrapped and protected ready to travel by our packing team and our team will travel to your new destination to offload and assemble the furniture there.

If you have to travel to another continent we will have to load your belongings into a container. We work with couple of export companies which can deliver the container anywhere in the word right next to your doorstep. The only downside of this is you will have either find someone to offload or do it by yourself.

Small amount of items can be also sent via plane, but for the best price call one of our sales representatives on 02080033260 or email us at


At this stage there are many uncertainity around what will happen after Brexit. Most likely there will be more paperwork to be filled in, more time spent on customs and borders and it will be more expensive as it will take longer time to complete the move. The changes will only apply if you will be moving to another European country. For the rest of the world nothing will change. Currently Movivan has no disruptions or any changes when moving to other european countries. Our prices are affordable with excellent customer service and quick delivering times.


At this stage Movivan do not offer any help with customs and declarations. If your belongings are being transported with a container, our subcontractor will arrange everything for us. If there will be any documentations and fees to be paid if you are moving by one of our vans, it is a customer responsibility to arrange everything prior to the removal day.


Once our surveyor has inspected your property or once our sales assistant has all neccesary information needed, we will be able to give rough guidance what time to expect your belongings to arrive. We can organize a particular date of delivery, but the exact time will depend on many factors- ferries, traffic, customs and many more. Movivan Removals has a tracking system in place and we know where our vehicles are all the time. We inform our customers daily and we will let you know minimum 2 hours before arrival that our team will be at your new address.


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